Most Popular Cricket bets

Most Popular Cricket bets

Sports betting is highly popular to bettors. Sports betting has been developing within the world alongside the event of sports. In many countries, it is almost impossible to imagine a particular sports event that bookmakers have not determined the chances of. Some countries have decided to ban betting entirely as sports betting have become so present and powerful in those countries. Over the years, many stories about people losing all their belongings because they were not ready to stop betting have gone mainstream which was when folk finally realize the results and scope of sports betting.Cricket is undoubtedly a famous game which is highly entertaining and is also profitable through cricket bets.

If one are novice bettor one can definitely rely on the most popular Indian cricket betting sites:

  • 22 bet:  through this website one can get a paonet of 100 percent upto 10000
  • 10 Cric: through this website one can get a paonet of 100 percent upto 10000
  • Spin Sports: In this website one can win 100 percent up to 200 Dollars
  • Betway: This website allows one to win a paonet of 2500 Rupees
  • Bet365: This site has several different cricket betting variants. The site gets regulated and licensed by MGA

In the below article we will check out the most popular cricket bets:

Completed match betting: Here one bet on the completed match betting

Innings runs: Here one bet can on the innings runs and one win according to the innings runs 

Top Bowler: Here one can bet on the top bowler

Top Batsman betting: here one can bet on the top batsman betting and accordingly place oner wager

Tournament Outright winner: Here one can bet on the tournament outright winner

Series winner: Here one can decide who becomes the series winner

Series Score: Here one can decide on a series score

Win Toss: Here one decide which team wins the toss

Toss combination: here the bettor decides which team will win the toss if the team wins the toss  and if they will bat or bowl  first then the bettor also wins

Odd/even runs: Here the bettor decides if the total runs by a team will be odd or even

Most run outs: here bettor needs to decide which team will have the most run out in a match or series

Man of the match: Here the bettor decides who will the man of the match and places his wager accordingly

Hence the above article guides one to the most popular cricket bets. Cricket is no doubt a very popular game and if one bet judiciously and apply the right strategies one can win millions in less time.